The Secrets Of Hong Factory Wholesale Marcasite Jewellery Manufacturing

Wholesale Marcasite jewellery manufacturing is a very acute sector of the fashion industry. Although Marcasite stone embedded jewellery goes centuries back, the craft is not perfected by those who are not skilled craftsmen. 

Of recent times Marcasite jewellery has made a major comeback into modern fashion. The billboards are filled with various actors, tv stars, musicians, etc. sporting grand Marcasite jewellery. Hong Facotry has been serving the wholesale Marcasite jewellery manufacturing industry for almost half a decade. Our exquisite and high-end range of Marcasite jewellery has always been the coveted possession of many jewellery retailers. So, in this blog we tell you all about our process and how we ensure the quality and fashion integrity of our products.

Our craftsmen

Marcasite jewellery work has always been a family-based tradition, and we ensure that our team comprises of workers who know how to respect the tradition. We also host an in house handpicked range of fashion designers to ensure that our jewellery is always suited to the latest needs. The combination of these two factors is the secret sauce behind the perfection of our wholesale Marcasite jewellery manufacturing designs.

Our quality

When it comes to wholesale Marcasite jewellery manufacturing,the sheer volume of the production often leads to downfall of product quality. However, our process runs multiple quality checks on each piece of jewellery we craft. Since the designs are locked down by our creative team there is no chance of any of our products being out of the current fashion needs. And added to this our highly talented embedding process ensures that each stone is perfectly placed and also compliments the rest of the design.

A mix of the modern and the vintage

This is our primary design motto in regard to wholesale Marcasite jewellery manufacturing. This is an ancient form of jewellery making, and we do incorporate those roots within our designs. But at the same time we ensure that we actively keep up with the latest high-end jewellery trends adopt similar designs in our ranges. This motto has kept our wholesale Marcasite jewellery manufacturing processahead of the curve.

Have a look at some of exquisite Marcasite designs that Hong Factory has presented over the years!

Scroll motif jewellery

The twirling shape of the scroll motif has been a long standing favorite of women who like their elegance to match their standout personality. Of recent it has also become a newfound fashion rage for men as well. Go through our catalogue and you can find some of the most exquisite scroll motif Marcasite ranges to order from.

Floral motifs

Flowers are a woman’s everyday friends, and floral jewellery is the face of everyday designer wear. Be it a casual party or an office meeting, you will be able to find the perfect need for your occasion. The Marcasite stone colors are brought out in floral motifs like no other and it is one of the primary products of our wholesale Marcasite jewellery manufacturing process.

Angular jewellery

Neoclassical styles in the fashion industry are always appreciated by the right connoisseur. Our designers create some of the most stunning angular rings with silver lining work and grand Marcasite stones adorning the centre. Symmetry and geometry are two important features that keep our angular jewellery ranges fresh and in vogue.

Each of our products contains the secret sauce of wholesale Marcasite jewellery manufacturing which you now know! Take a look through our website and ensure that you stock yourself well with our latest ranges of Marcasite watches and rings and other jewellery!